Belmont County Hazardous Waste Collection

Belmont County Hazardous Waste Collection

Neighborhood Cleanup Dates
Belmont County

Hazardous Waste Collection – September 17 9am-1pm 
Ohio Valley Mall St. Clairsville  Proof of residency is needed.

bring the following clearly and properly labeled items to either event:
• Household Cleaners – bleach, ammonia, carpet cleaner, oven cleaner
• Lawn & Garden Chemicals – pesticides and herbicides
• Various Pool Chemicals; aerosols
• Oil-based paint and paint-related products such as thinner, primer, stain, sealer, varnish and shellac
• Solvents, strippers, turpentine, Wood preservatives
• Kerosene, lighter Fluid, Gasoline
• Roof Coating and driveway sealer
• Light bulbs with mercury, including 4 ft., 8 ft., U-Bend, Circular, or Incandescent compact fluorescents
• Batteries – Lead Acid, Lithium, NiCad, Alkaline, Mercury
• Automotive Fluids – Motor oil, Antifreeze, Transmission Fluid
• Propane cylinders (grill-sized and smaller), Fire Extinguishers, Freon/Helium Cylinders
• Mercury and Mercury debris
• Asbestos

Items that will NOT be accepted include:
• No Contractor, industry or school waste
• No PCBs, transformers and capacitors
• No Compressed Gases (other than propane)
• No Explosives/Ammunition
• No Medical/Infectious wastes
• No DEA Controlled Substances
• No Smoke Detectors/Radioactive waste
• No Computers, Televisions and Tires  (See Community Collections for these items)

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