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Projects during Covid-19

Hello. If you always wondered what your organizer did during her down time. Here are some before and after pics of some of my home projects.

Home Office



After: A lot of purging and reorganizing for space and better flow. Not exactly finished but as any reorganization: a work in progress, but now one can breathe better and items more accessible.




Craft Room Project

Craft Room 1 After
Craft Room View 1 After


Craft Room 1 Before
Craft Room View 1 Before

This client’s craft room is a converted hallway space for storage. Supplies and storage for scrapbooking, stamping and other paper crafts require a lot of individual storage. Using media sticks to store CD’s on the wall freed up valuable space for other items.



Removing an interior partition freed up valuable space for other storage and paper

Craft Room 2 Before
Craft Room View 2 Before


Craft Room 2 After
Craft Room View 2 After

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